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Pitts Pilot Sunglasses
  Trivex (NXT) lenses
optically superior to, lighter and tougher than CR-39 plastic, optically superior to, lighter and as tough as polycarbonate plastic.
  Locking hinge screws
resist loosening in high-vibration flight environments such as rotary wing and multi-engine.
  Flat side arms
maximum comfort under headsets and compatibility with ANR (active noise reduction) systems.
  Pitts pilot sunglasses in formation aerobatics display by the Wildcats.
Welcome to Vision in Aviation Ltd.
Vision in Aviation is a company that carries out medicals for both private and commercial pilots. We perform both FAA and JAR medicals.

Following feedback from many of our pilots regarding sunglasses, we decided to investigate the market. We have designed and produced a pair of sunglasses especially for pilots. Our vision is to satisfy the exacting requirement of the pilot for optimum sunglasses. Please read on for more information about the ethos behind PITTS pilot sunglasses.

Customer Testimonials

"I cannot recommend these sunglasses highly enough. Their beautiful and lightweight design coupled with the optically excellent lenses is unsurpassed. They are undoubtedly the most comfortable sunglasses I have ever used."
Captain Derek Dawson, Head of Safety BA OpenSkies

"To be honest, the PhD level of science involved with the lenses on these sunglasses is likely to baffle all but the most studious of aeronautical engineers! All us pilots really care about is that they do a great job of reducing glare in all light conditions meaning that we can protect our eyes without impairing our lookout. On that count, Pitts Pilot Sunglasses are great!"
Al Coutts, Aerobatic Display Pilot, Wildcats Display Team

"I would happily recommend these sunglasses to all pilots. They are at once extremely light and very durable, and combine excellent glare and peripheral light reduction with real comfort and an attractive design."
Rowland Burley, Senior Captain B747-400, Cathay Pacific Airways

"As a long-haul airline captain I spend a considerable amount of time in extremely bright environments. With the length of sectors I complete it is crucially important that I keep glare to a minimum to help reduce fatigue; my Pitts sunglasses do just that, retaining excellent optical quality whilst the snug fit prevents any light leakage. But what is almost as good is that they are so light and comfortable that I can wear them for as long as I need, either with or without my headset, without any discomfort whatsoever. I have used many leading brands of sunglasses in the air over the years, but my Pitts sunglasses are by far and away the most practical sunglasses I have used. They are without doubt an excellent product very well suited to the professional aviation world."
 Captain Neil Benson Boeing 777 Captain and former RAF fast jet pilot